Other things to do

There's so much to see and do in Victoria's amazing network of parks. From marine sanctuaries to Alpine walking trails, there's really something for everyone.

Summer by the Sea!

Coastcare Victoria’s iconic Summer by the Sea program is back this January, with the theme ‘Coast to Home’. Offering a mixture of free in person and online events, everyone can connect with the coast, wherever they are across the state. Head to www.summerbythesea.vic.gov.au for details and bookings.

Parks Victoria’s Citizen Science

Citizen science involves public participation by volunteer citizens, in partnership with scientists, land managers and community organisations, participating in scientific, monitoring and research endeavours with the aim of increasing scientific knowledge for community and park management benefit.

Participating in citizen science programs is a fun way to spend time in nature while at the same time contributing to important scientific research and supporting our amazing biodiversity. You can enjoy the health benefits of spending time outdoors, connect with others and learn something new about the environment!

Join the Parks Victoria iNaturalist project or the Parks Victoria – Data Discovery challenge an start collecting now!