Park of the month – Mushroom Reef Marine Sanctuary

Have you seen the rock platform at low tide in this special sanctuary? It looks just like a mushroom! Hidey-holes in the ancient rocks form mini habitats for lots of marine life. Each season brings new things to see, so make sure you visit Mushroom Reef Marine Sanctuary many times through the year.

One of our favourite things to do at Mushroom Reef is snorkelling. You can get up close and personal with fish like Saddled Wrasse, Magpie Morwong and the strange box-like Cowfish as they weave through the fronds of seaweed. If you’re lucky, you might spot our marine emblem, the Weedy Seadragon, drifting around too. And who can forget the amazing Black and White Sea Star? This critter is one of two sea stars known to brood young in its belly.

Not feeling up for a snorkel? No worries! Why not wander along Flinders Ocean Beach and try your hand at beachcombing. If you are nice and quiet, you might even spot Pied Oystercatchers, Ruddy Turnstones and other migratory birds like Red-necked Stints chilling out on the sand.

Did you know that scientists have been discovering new marine species at Mushroom Reef for more than one hundred years!? That’s a long time! If you want to try your luck exploring the rockpools, remember that the best time to visit is around low tide.

Help us keep this beautiful marine park safe and healthy by only leaving footprints and taking only photographs and memories.