Meet Ranger Harry from East Port Phillip

Howdy Junior Rangers!

My name is Ranger Harry and I work in East Port Phillip on the land of the Boonwurrung people.  

East Port Phillip starts at Mentone and goes all the way to Portsea, the East Port Phillip Ranger team look after all the piers in between. Have you ever seen one of us patrolling the piers? Or maybe you’ve seen us in our patrol boat, “Gannet”, named after one of Port Phillip Bay’s local birds, the gannet. Gannets are an amazing sea bird who love to go fishing but they do it a little different to us. Gannets like to fly high in the sky above schools of fish, before folding their wings back and diving down into the water to grab a fish. It would be so cool to fly and swim. 

Gannets aren’t the only cool creature to call Port Phillip Bay home, there’s also dolphins, penguins, seals and sometimes even whales. So, when you’re out exploring Port Phillip Bay with friends or family keep an eye out for one of these great creatures. You never know what you might see next!

Harry, what made you want to become a Ranger?

When I was young, I loved looking for creatures at the beach, whether I was exploring the wild world of rockpools or snorkelling the strange and beautiful depths of the ocean, I always had my own little adventure in the marine environment. It was these adventures that made me want to become a Parks Victoria Ranger. I enjoy being a Ranger because I get to work in the places explored as a kid, I’m able to work with my hands and share my passion and knowledge of the environment with others, especially the Junior Rangers!

When you’re not at work, what do you like to do? 

When I’m not being a Ranger I’m usually out surfing or fishing from my kayak, I also love going camping with my friends, where I’m always looking for the next big adventure.

So next time you’re looking for the next big adventure, why not head to Port Phillip Bay. Grab a snorkel, pick up a board, cast out a line and then let nature do its thing.