The Junior Ranger Way

Discover how Junior Ranger’s take care of the environment and learn about what you can do to make sure Victoria’s special places stay protected.

There are 3 things Junior Rangers always remember to do:

1. Know before you go

Junior Rangers are always prepared for their next park adventure.

  • Find out about the park you are going to visit and what you can do there.
  • Check the weather before you go and make sure you have the right equipment, clothes and footwear with you.
  • Take plenty of food, water to drink, and sun protection.

2. Keep our parks wild

Junior Rangers know that a park is a special home for native animals and plants.

  • Respect animals’ homes by leaving plants, shells, logs and even rocks where you find them.
  • Animals are healthiest eating their natural foods, so only share your food with other people.
  • Never walk up to wildlife because it might become frightened and try to protect itself.
  • Use all your senses to connect with the natural environment.

3. Leave no trace

When Junior Rangers visit a park you would never know they had been there!

  • Leave everything as you find it. The best souvenirs of your adventure are your memories. Take photos, drawings or write about your experiences in your nature diary.
  • Respect any evidence of the past that you might find. Parks protect our history.
  • Keep yourself safe and protect the park by staying on walking tracks and not damaging vegetation.
  • Take all food scraps and rubbish home to put in the bin or recycle.
  • Only camp where it is permitted and keep your campsite small and tidy.
  • Only light fires in the fireplaces provided and always put the fire out completely.